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Hallway Tech Joins the Technology Association of Oregon

We are pleased to announce that Hallway Technologies has become a member of the Technology Association of Oregon. We look forward to working closely with this fantastic organization to strengthen Oregon's growing start-up and open-source development community. 

Hallway Tech attends Drupal Con Portland 2013

We were excited to attend Drupal Con Portland this year. It was great to show co-workers and friends around our new hometown. 

The conference was fun and informative.

Team favorite BoFs and Sessions included:

Civi BoFs
Project Manager BoFs
The "How Robin Hood Uses Drupal to Fight Poverty" session
The Organic Groups session

We look forward to seeing everyone again in Austin for Drupal Con 2014!


Busy Summer 2012

Hallway Technologies has had a busy summer! In addition to HQ moving from Atlanta, GA to Portland, OR our teammates participated in the Jasig-Sakai conference, the Open Source Bridge conference, and OS CON 2012.  Michelle and Carl volunteered at two of the three conferences serving on planning and social committees.

Erik Froese gave several talks at the Jasig-Sakai Conference including talks on Deploying OAE Clusters using Puppet and Integrating Sakai OAE with Grouper.

Sakai OAE 1.3.0 released in June and 1.4.0 is slated to release by early August.

HQ Relocation

Hallway Technologies' headquarters moved to Portland, Oregon in May 2012. We are excited to become part of Portland's growing open-source community and look forward to building relationships in our new city.

We have already become volunteers with the Open Source Bridge which is hosted in Portland each year. 


Mail Sender to be included as core tool in CLE 2.9

Hallway Tech is pleased to share that one of our community contributions is becoming part of the core Sakai CLE project.

In August 2011, the Sakai 2 Technical Coordination Committee (TCC) succeeded in passing a vote to include Mail Sender as a core tool in the Sakai CLE 2.9 release. Mail Sender began as a Georgia Tech contrib project to refine the user interface and functionality of Mailtool.

Carl Hall of Hallway Tech and Seth Theriault of Columbia University have been maintaining Mail Sender for last two years and the project has enjoyed continued improvements in quality and new features with two releases, 1.6.4 and 1.7.0, slated for November.

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